About CD4AP

The Community Development for All People (CD4AP) grew out of a message of unconditional love and an atmosphere of radical hospitality.  CD4AP was formed 2003 with the mission of improving the quality of life for persons on the South Side of Columbus.

Our Vision
Our vision is for a whole, healthy, and engaged community where All People are empowered to pursue their hopes, dreams, and aspirations; where lives are transformed by faith and trust, and personal fulfillment is experienced through the abundance of God’s love and grace.

 Our Mission
To bring our Vision to life, CD4AP catalyzes collaborations with key strategic partners to improve the quality of life for all residents of the South Side through individual and community services.


Free Store

The United Methodist Free Store provides clothing and household items to families in need in a hospitable atmosphere that affirms the self-worth of each individual. More than 40,000 families have become members of the Free Store since we opened our doors in January 1999.

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First Birthdays

Every baby deserves a chance to take their first step. To say their first word. To start their first day of school. To graduate from college. To get their first job. To have a baby. To get married. To be President! (National Healthy Start Association Infant Mortality Awareness Campaign.)

Community Development for All People agrees! And to support families and babies living on the South Side of Columbus, we want to celebrate first birthdays and encourage families along the way. Every baby born in our community will be welcomed and celebrated, surrounded by a supportive family, receive loving care and thrive in the years beyond! In collaboration with Nationwide Children’s Hospital, CD4AP hosts quarterly birthday parties celebrating every baby who has reached her/his first birthday during those months. These parties provide fun for babies and their older siblings, door prizes, diapers, and vendor tables with lots of great info and resources available in our community.

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Affordable Housing

Our Southside Home Ownership Program involves the renovation of 14 houses that will be sold as owner occupied homes. We are partnering with the City of Columbus Housing Department and with the Ohio Housing Finance Agency on the renovation and sale of these homes. Each of the houses was a vacant and blighted property when it was purchased. The houses are completely renovated; making them some of the nicest in the community. After renovations, each house is sold to persons who are at or below 80% of the median area income.

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Healthy Eating And Living (H.E.A.L)

Community Development and the Church for All People recognize that wellness is both physical and spiritual.  A variety of programs are offered to the community in an effort to promote healthy living.

HEAL (Healthy Eating & Living Initiative)  is a program designed to accompany individuals as they set goals and create action plans to improve their health.

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Youth Development

During the school year, CD4AP provides an after school program at Lincoln Park Elementary on the South Side of Columbus (579 E. Markison Ave). This program is designed to support families and the Lincoln Park Elementary school environment and develop young leaders who will ultimately succeed academically, professionally and personally. It is offered at no cost to families and provide healthy meals and snacks for each participating child.

This program serves students in grades 1-5, daily from 3:30-6:00pm.

During the summer months, CD4AP provides a Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools program. CDF Freedom Schools is a National, literacy-education movement, impacting the lives of children across the nation by cultivating a love of reading, encouraging high self-esteem, and offering amazing program opportunities.

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Bikes for All People

At Bikes for All People (B4AP), people from different backgrounds with a shared passion for riding bicycles can gather to build community. Join us at 934Parsons Ave for bike repairs, maintenance, bike advice, friendly camaraderie, and  to share together in creating of the front porch to the Kingdom of God.

We strive to bring together youth and adults who cycle for the exercise, who cycle to reduce their carbon footprint, who cycle competitively, and cyclists who depend on bikes as their primary means of transport. Thus, we will build community and unity within the diverse body of Christ. By gathering bike enthusiasts from many cultures, means, and experience levels, we will form an authentic fellowship that promotes diversity, ultimately improving the quality of life on the South Side of Columbus.

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Southside Neighborhood Leadership Academy

A unique leadership program designed to equip residents with the
knowledge and tools to become agents of change on the South Side!

The South Side is a vibrant community, with rich diversity and a strong history. The South Side Neighborhood Leadership Academy equips participants with the relationships, knowledge, skills, and abilities to help the South Side continue to thrive. Upon completion of the program, graduates will use what they have learned to achieve transformative change in South Side communities. We seek participants that aspire toward a safe, opportunity-rich South Side that maximizes diversity, builds relationships, secures and advances current residents, all while maintaining the unique fabric of the community.

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Harmony on the Southside

Harmony on the Southside seeks to create positive identity and improve quality of life by providing music and opportunities to make music throughout the community.

We perform music that is uplifting, positive, fun, and interactive in venues throughout the Southside and Downtown Columbus, presenting music and musicians that cross ethnic and cultural boundaries to demonstrate multicultural harmony. We enjoy highlighting positive efforts and events in the community, such as new small businesses, health screenings, immunization drives, community associations, and voter registration.

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Training Initiatives

The CD4AP Training Center operates with a vision of providing immersion experiences that organize and disseminate the experiences and expertise amassed by our staff and volunteers for people from across the country who desire to grow in their efforts to minister and worship with those on the margins.

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RCG Training Center

The RCG Training Center offers job and employment training for community members through our partner organizations.

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Job Opportunities

CD4AP engages in periodic hiring on an ongoing basis. We are a faith-based, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the economic, social and spiritual quality of life for residents of Columbus’ South Side.  To learn of current and/or future employment opportunities visit this page. 

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