Harmony on the Southside

Harmony on the Southside

Harmony on the Southside seeks to create positive identity and improve quality of life by providing music and opportunities to make music throughout the community.

We perform music that is uplifting, positive, fun, and interactive in venues throughout the Southside and Downtown Columbus, presenting music and musicians that cross ethnic and cultural boundaries to demonstrate multicultural harmony. We enjoy highlighting positive efforts and events in the community, such as new small businesses, health screenings, immunization drives, community associations, and voter registration.

We provide alternative entertainment events which are positive, and drug and alcohol free. We mentor aspiring musicians in the community, helping  children, youth and adults discover the joy of experiencing and making art. We do this by providing music lessons to youth and adults and by providing supplemental income for musicians and artists.

Hear audio samples, and buy the All People CD!

Upcoming Events

Coffee House

Free music and snacks in a safe welcoming environment for all ages! Join us on the 4th Thursday of the month, 6:30-8:30!

Party on the Plaza

Last Sunday of the month during the summer, 6pm-8pm!

Ubuntu Choir 4 All People

The Ubuntu Choir 4 All People rehearses every Sunday at 12:00p.m. The choir is open to everyone. Our goal is to be accessible for all, while remaining challenging for those with music experience, so that we engage a variety of ability levels. To this end, we perform music with layered complexity that offers simple melodies, supported by more complicated countermelodies and descants.

Every voice is important to the group, and therefore solos are rotated amongst anyone that wants one. Featured parts are tailored to an individual’s ability/vocal style and may include improvisatory solos over the chorus, solo introductions of the refrain, drums solos, or speaking parts.

Open Mic

All talents are welcome at Open Mic on Mondays at 7:00 pm. Performances on the first Monday of each month. Preparation and voice/guitar/drum lessons on other weeks.

Ways You Can Participate

Available for community and professional events.


Teach music lessons, be a band “roadie”, or help with fund-raising.


Join us for Open Mic or sing with the Ubuntu Choir 4 All People.

Contribute Instruments.

We can find good homes for youth/adult sized guitars, and other musical equipment.

Our grants require a match and your funds are important to keep our program going.


You have a lot of Christian songs on your CD’s, is this the kind of concert you do?

We are a faith based organization and this band is also the church band for The United Methodist Church for All People. Because of our church connections, many songs on our CD’s are Christian. However, the music in our concerts varies depending upon the venue. Typically, community concerts are secular music like Shining Star, Yes We Can Can, Takin’ it to the Streets, You Gotta Be, What’s Going On, Laugh Laugh Laugh, A Little Help from My Friends, and other songs with a positive message. All of the programs of Harmony on the Southside are open to, and designed for, people of all faiths, sexual orientation, income, race, or ability.

How much does it cost to hire The All People Band?

The cost of a concert varies, depending upon the time of day and day of the week. If you are a community organization on the Southside, we may be able to defray some of the cost of a concert from grants which make community concerts possible. Contact Chris Ciampa for a quote.

If I buy a CD, where does the money go?

All profits from both Plenty of Room and MakeOver support the programs of Harmony on the Southside and help fund concerts, equipment, materials and marketing. Visit the All People Band website for details and purchasing.

How are you funded?

The Harmony on the Southside programs are funded by donations from individuals, churches, and businesses. We receive additional grant funding from The Ohio Arts Council, The Greater Columbus Arts Council, and the United Way.  Tax deductible donations can be made to Community Development for All People and marked for “Harmony on the Southside.”

I am a visual artist, are there ways for me to get involved?

Harmony on the Southside has recently expanded to include Arts Encounters with people on the Southside of Columbus. These are typically short, flexible events where low income children, youth and/or adults are already gathered for social services or after-school programs. They are intended to spread the joy of art, as well as encouraging passion and interest in the arts. In addition, one-on-one mentorship opportunities exist to help emerging artists who are low income, in recovery, or handicapped. If you are interested in getting involved please contact Chris Sunami.