Forward Together

We’re expanding our reach. Be a part of what’s next.

A philanthropic investment of $1,000,000 from community partners and individuals will empower us to move Forward Together as we continue building the South Side into a neighborhood of unity, diversity, and opportunity for all.

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Columbus, Ohio 43206

Our Campaign Priorities

Stage One: Expanding Our Impact

Acquisition and Redevelopment of Strategic Properties
CD4AP seeks to expand our footprint in the South Side community in an effort to provide more space and resources for the programs that foster community transformation.

CD4AP has leased with an option to buy the property at 945 Parsons Ave., featuring the former drive thru beer store and surrounding surface parking lots. We have transformed this store to be the new home of an expanded All People’s Fresh Market, featuring twice the space as our former location (acquisition: $243,000; renovation: $80,000). Providing our community with over 16,000 pounds of free fresh produce weekly, the All People’s Fresh Market yields new opportunities for expanded health and nutrition on the South Side.

Moving the All People’s Fresh Market from its previous location creates new opportunities to expand Bikes for All People. We have purchased this building and will knock out portions of the interior walls (acquisition: $159,000; renovation: $25,000). By connecting the 934 and 938 Parsons Ave. storefronts, we double the space available for this vibrant and growing social enterprise.

To achieve this stage for community renewal and expansion of CD4AP’s footprint, we have set a goal of raising $507,000 as a part of the Forward Together campaign.

Stage Two: Strengthening Our Foundation

Repayment of Debt on Ministry Center
The Community Development for All People Ministry Center serves as the bedrock of our programming presence on the South Side, providing space for our flagship ministry, the Free Store and a wide range of other life changing activities. The building includes an array of functional multipurpose spaces, including our demonstration kitchen, administrative offices, and the primary care medical home offered in partnership with Mt. Carmel Hospital. Now at this important time in our organization’s history, we are exploring opportunities to strengthen our foundation so that we may turn our full focus toward innovative ways to enrich our community.

Thus, CD4AP has set a goal of raising $225,000 to pay off the mortgage on the ministry center, freeing up funds for important programming purposes.

Stage Three: Investing in the Future

Funds for Strategic Opportunities and Future Programming
Offering community residents asset-based opportunities to work together improving the quality of their lives has been a primary motivating factor behind everything we do, since our formation in 2003. Our reach in the community is wide, but we know we can do more, which is why we’ve set a goal of raising $268,000 as a part of the Forward Together campaign. We will use these funds to enhance our positive impact in the lives of South Side families over the next 5 years.

With this investment, CD4AP will seek out opportunities to create transformative change on the South Side through new program offerings, creative collaborations, and emerging initiatives. CD4AP has always been an innovator taking risks at the front edge of what God is doing next in our community. Now, we are expanding our ministries to be able to take a major step forward, keeping pace with God’s vision for the South Side.