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Rev. John Edgar, Pastor & Executive Director

Phone Ext. #12

Pastor John serves as both the Minister for the United Methodist Church for All People and as the Executive Director of the CDC.

Donita Harris, Lay Pastor

Phone Ext. #13

Donita Harris is a certified spiritual director and serves as lay leader of the Church for All People.

Dr. Rachael Riggs Leyva, Office Manager, Church Administration and Communications

Phone Ext. #17

Rachael manages the office and oversees church administrations and communications for Church for All People and CD4AP.

Dr. Katelin Hansen,
Strategic Initiatives Director, Minister of Music

Katelin Hansen leads CD4AP’s immersive training initiatives, such as the South Side Neighborhood Leadership Academy. Katelin is also the Minister of Music, leading Sunday music worship, as well as the Ubuntu Choir 4 All People.

Erin West, Family & Community Engagement Director

Erin works with parents and families whose children are involved in out-of-school programming at Lincoln Park Elementary School and with parents and families who live in Southern Gateway community.

Office: 614-445-7342

Cell: 614-284-6408

Andrea Wood, Community Engagement Coordinator

Ext. 22

First Birthdays Phone: 614-620-9198

Andrea provides outreach and engagement with families on the South Side to inform the community of the many resources that are available to them to ensure healthy progressive lives. She acts as a communication bridge for South Side residents aiming to invest in their future.

Joyce Calamese, Community Engagement Coordinator

Ext. 25

Joyce provides outreach and engagement with families to inform the community of the many resources that are available to them to ensure healthy progressive lives.

Darlene Scheid, Youth Development Director

Phone: 614-477-6775 

Darlene aims to lead youth development services and initiatives for CD4AP and engage the students within their community.

Youth Development Coordinator

Rev. Ernest Starr, Reentry Coordinator

Ernest coordinates the New Beginnings reentry programming.

Chris and April Sunami, Harmony on the Southside

Chris and April co-lead Harmony on the Southside, the community arts program of Community Development for All People, which includes Open Mic, Arts Encounters, and Concerts.

Rev. Chris Ciampa, Leader, All People Band

Chris Ciampa leads The All People Band and its concert series.

Sheldon K. Johnson, Managing Director

Phone Ext. #18

Sheldon develops and implements various systems to enhance the management of the diverse programs and ministries of the CD4AP.

Margaret Madison, Church & Community Worker

Phone Ext. #11

Margaret manages programs and projects in the community, including affordable housing.

Kim Hairston, Free Store Director

Phone Ext. #14


Kim is the Free Store Director and manages the operations of the Free Store.

Dessaree Watters, Free Store Coordinator

Phone Ext. #14


Dessaree is the Free Store Coordinator and supports the management of the Free Store.

Sue Wolfe, Deaconess

Phone Ext. #16

Rev. Greg Henneman,
H.E.A.L. Director,Church & Community Worker

Phone Ext. #21

As a Church and Community Worker, Greg manages the Fresh Market and the H.E.A.L. programs.

Gary Stevens, H.E.A.L. Coordinator

Phone Ext. #21

Tiffany Hall, HNHF Administrative Assistant

Tiffany is the Administrative Assistant for Healthy Homes and can be contacted for general questions and inquiries.

Phone: 614-355-0395

Gretchen West, HNHF Executive Director

Phone: 614-355-0344

Gretchen is the HNHF Executive Director. She lends experience and expertise as it relates to South Side Renaissance, LLC a new public/private initiative aimed at improving the exteriors of owner occupied properties, increasing home ownership, and improving the overall quality of the housing stock in the areas surrounding the former South Side Settlement House.

Jonathan Alexander, HNHF Project Manager

Phone: 614-722-4813

Jonathan is the Project Coordinator for Healthy Homes and South Side Renaissance, LLC. He oversees the Home Repair Program, Responsible Land Lord Network, completes grant reporting, and manages fiscal operations.

Jordan Henderson, HNHF Acquisition Coordinator

Robert Palace, Accounting Director

Phone Ext. #19

Robert provides financial and accounting related support, reporting, review and counsel to all initiatives of CD4AP.

Janet Walker, Accounting Coordinator

Phone Ext. #30

Janet provides financial and accounting related support to all initiatives of CD4AP.

Joel Teaford, Attorney-at-Law

Phone Ext. #28