All People Conference Workshops

This year brings a wide array of workshop opportunities to the All People Conference. When you register, we ask that you select one workshop for each session. Workshop registration sometimes fills quickly and is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For your convenience, we have identified workshops that are particularly aligned with this year’s conference theme, Rise Up…and Build! (+).  We have also indicated sessions that we consider to be foundational information on Ministry With, which may be particularly well suited for those attending the conference for the very first time (*).

Choose one workshop from each session:

Session #1 (Saturday 4:00-5:30pm)

Asset of Age (+)

Rev. Gregory Kendrick Jr.— Pastor, Church of the Saviour Cleveland Heights
We recognize that urban churches around the country are seeing an increase in the aging population of our congregations.
Rather than see the aging church as a risk, we must avail ourselves of the rich resources and opportunities that they provide. Learn how to build generational bridges to preserve and expand the legacy of our churches, partnering to build on the wisdom of our elders to shape the direction of our future.

Asset-Based Development in a Divine Economy of Abundance (*+)

Rev. John Edgar – Founding Pastor, C4AP & Executive Director, CD4AP
Learn key principles of asset based community development from the various ministries flourishing at Community Development for All People, as well as the lived theology behind the “Divine Economy of Abundance” that is at the heart of each successful ministry of the church.


Erin West—Parent Engagement Director, CD4AP
Learn fun, engaging ways to incorporate a sense of play in workshops, group sessions and staff meetings. Leave this workshop equipped with a toolkit of energizers, new games and fun problem solving activities that are designed to facilitate connection and demonstrate purpose. Session requires high participation and an openness to try new things!

Faith & Finances: Empowering Individuals with Practical Skills and Stewardship Principles

Eugene Norris – Co-Director, Metro Columbus Christian Job Corps
Explore the role of Faith & Finance as a ministry of reconciliation & community empowerment. Experience a sample Faith & Finance activities and discover interactive instructional strategies to empower your community.

Leveraging Your Assets for Sustainable Ministry (+)

Rev. Jim Donnan—Pastor, Livingston UMC
Livingston UMC has adopted innovative approaches to using their church building and its assets to create financial security and sustainability for its mission and ministries. Learn how to creatively leverage your church’s assets to help build up your church and your community.

Representation Matters: Diversity in Images

April Sunami—Local artist
In this presentation we will discuss the role of visual representation in multicultural worship. Participants examine images of race, gender and class and how these images can shape a worship environment of inclusiveness.

Session #2 (Sunday 2:00-3:30pm)

Asset-Based Development in a Divine Economy of Abundance (*)

Rev. John Edgar – Founding Pastor, C4AP & Executive Director, CD4AP
Learn key principles of asset based community development from the various ministries flourishing at Community Development for All People, as well as the lived theology behind the “Divine Economy of Abundance” that is at the heart of each successful ministry of the church.

Connecting With Our Neighbors through Health Ministry (+)

Rev. Greg Henneman– GBGM Church & Community Worker; Director of Healthy Eating And Living (H.E.A.L.), CD4AP
Today, the church is often found searching for a way to connect with its neighbors as communities have higher rates of obesity, heart disease, and cancer than ever before. Join us for a discussion on rediscovering the church’s role in building relationships through wellness. Learn how engaging in health ministries can transform our communities while giving the church a renewed focus.

From the Inside Out: Ministry with Our Returning Citizens (+)

Reba Collins—All In Community, West Ohio Conference
How can churches be in reciprocal relationships with their returning neighbors? What do churches need to know to engage those who are returning to their communities from inside jail and prison walls? What do our returning neighbors need and want from our churches? Our panel will discuss all perspectives. Bring your questions and be ready for good conversation.

Freedom Schools: Kids as Community Change Agents (+)

Darlene Scheid- Youth Development Director
Workshop participants will explore ways to start or expand your Freedom School program, engaging youth in the areas of community engagement and transformation through parent involvement, community partnerships and student voice.

Missional-Impulse at Global Community Church (+)

Rev. Daniel Kim—Lead Pastor, Global Community UMC
Learn six practical guiding principles at Global Community Church to cultivate and engage our communities in flexile and incarnate multi-cultural ministry. Participants will learn how to address and overcome key cultural barriers within the community to build the Kingdom of God.

Starting and Running A Free Store (*)

Kim Hairston – Free Store Director, CD4AP
Learn the systems and strategies to launch and sustain your church’s own free store. Participants will learn the theology of abundance as it pertains to the Free Store, and well as practical tips around policies, procedures, volunteer recruitment, and training.

Session 3 (Sunday 3:45-5:15pm)

Churches as Neighborhood Connectors: How churches can bring communities closer together (+)

Kip Holley—Research Associate, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race of Ethnicity, The Ohio State University
This interactive workshop is designed to help participants better use churches and other faith-based facilities as “third spaces” that can help gather people together from different walks of life. The workshop will introduce challenges and successes related to developing “third places” in diverse neighborhoods and contain activities and exercises that will help participants utilize these lessons in their communities.

First Birthdays! Churches Combating Infant Mortality

Sue Wolfe—Deaconess, C4AP
Andrea Wood—Community Engagement Coordinator, CD4AP

Every child deserves to have its first birthday. Unfortunately, many babies face disadvantages that adversely affect their hances to surviving to day 366. Hear how Church for All People is working to combat infant mortality in its neighborhood, and learn what your own church can do to help every baby thrive in your community.

Hidden Rules – “Life Is Different Here” (*+)

Margaret Madison – GBGM Church & Community Worker for Affordable Housing at CD4AP
Become aware of the “hidden rules” of income groups and discover how to serve together more effectively. Learn cultural values that shape who we are and affect our ministry with hard-living communities.

Multicultural Worship Music: What, Why, & How

Dr. Katelin Hansen—Minister of Music, C4AP; Director of Strategic Initiatives and Training, CD4AP
Music is a powerful tool in welcoming diverse worshiping communities. Learn the theology behind multicultural worship music and how to incorporate such practices into your worship services in accessible and meaningful ways.

Nonprofit Finance: What’s Important to Know

Bob Palace– Accounting Director, CD4AP
Look at the top areas of concern for churches and nonprofits in organizing and managing funds. Receive tips and strategies to handle the challenges these organizations face. Also learn what’s new in tax for churches and nonprofits.

Strangers No Longer: Meaningful Relationships for the Kingdom (*)

Donita Harris—Lay Pastor, C4AP
Rev. Chris Ciampa—Chaplain, Department of Pastoral Care, Harding Hospital; Pastor, C4AP

One of the most radical acts of hospitality we can offer is deep accompaniment with one another in our journeys. But we don’t always know how to listen well to one another. Learning to listen beyond our own need to problem solve is gift to both the listener and the one being listened to. Learn how to enter into meaningful relationships with ‘the strangers’ in our midst through conversation and true listening from the heart.

Church Marketing: How to Effectively Reach your Community

Teresa Faust—Manager of Market Research and Metrics, United Methodist Communications
Your church wants to impact lives by helping people know Christ and engaging them through Christian discipleship. One of the ways you can accomplish this is through your Church Marketing Plan. The creation of a strategic plan for your church helps improve how you communicate with and impact the people you want to reach. During this workshop we will explore how to plan, build, and launch a successful strategy that helps people connect with your church in a new way.

Session 4 (Monday 13:00-12:00pm)

City Church, Country Church (and everything in between) (+)

Rev. Judy Cramer—Pastor, Magnetic Springs UMC
Rev. Greg Henneman—Pastor, UM Church for All People
Rick Schroder – Member, UM Church of the Messiah

How can urban, rural, and suburban churches partner together to leverage their differing geographies? Learn about the assets that each of these settings bring for engaging in cross-cultural ministry and how to apply the ‘All People’ principles no matter what your church’s context is!

Keys to A Successful Non-Profit Infra-Structure

Sheldon Johnson – Managing Director, CD4AP
Joel Teaford, Esq – Attorney-at-Law, CD4AP

The pursuit of new and innovative ways to engage in ministry with may require new ways of thinking, doing, and organizing. Topics include: the importance of delivering results and managing relationships, and nonprofit governance structures.

New Trends in Diversity

Leroy Chambliss – Pastor, Stillwater UMC
Joyously engage others that you encounter changing demographics in your community with the awareness, skills, and confidence you need to help your church thrive.

Partnering for Success (+)

Angela Mingo—Community Relations Director, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Learn how churches and nonprofits can partner with anchor institutions to achieve transformative change in a community. Participants will gain an appreciation for the collective impact of community partners and receive strategies for successful partnerships.

Targeting For Grant Success

Sharon Ware—Assistant Impact Director, United Way of Central Ohio
Rev. Karen Cook–Assistant to the District Superintendent, Capitol Area North

This workshop will provide participants the opportunity to learn key components and understanding of grant proposals. Workshop will address developing clear goals and objectives, building partnerships and program design. Participants will also receive a list of small and medium size funding sources.

Biblical Foundations for Multiculturalism

Joon-Sik Park—Professor, Methodist Theological School in Ohio
For an authentic multicultural ministry, we would need a vision for a new kind of community that is grounded in images deeply rooted in Scripture. This workshop will explore Ephesians 2 and Revelation 21 to lay biblical foundations for multiculturalism

Church Planting in an Evolving World

Rev. Olu Brown—Lead Pastor, Impact Church
As we “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world” what do church planters need to know to be successful? Learn key strategies to planting churches in today’s evolving world.